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Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment in Leeds

What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

Root canal treatment is commonly known as a root filling or endodontics. Contrary to popular belief, RCT is not usually painful.

This procedure involves removing damaged or dead pulp and filling the space that is left behind.

At Clarendons we use the latest and most effective local anaesthetics and Root Canal Treatment equipment to ensure pain free.

Why may I need Root Canal Treatment?

All teeth have a central core known as the pulp, containing nerve fibres and small blood vessels. This pulp also extends into each root of the teeth.

If the pulp is irreversibly damaged (e.g. through trauma or decay) it can die and cause toothache and or infections such as dental abscesses.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Root Canal Treatment can prevent or stop toothache and/ or infection.
  • Root Canal Treatment allows otherwise unsalvageable teeth to be saved and then restored (fixed), with either a filling or crown.
  • Without Root Canal Treatment the tooth would inevitably have to be removed due to pain and/ or infection. There is also a risk that the infection can spread beyond the tooth if RCT is not done.

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